Aimee Eaton

Aimee Eaton

Age: 24
Occupation: Creative, running Cloudi Journal (digital magazine) and Social Media Marketing
Studied: Bachelor of Design (Fashion)
Instagram: @aimeeeaton and @cloudijournal_


What you do and what you love… 

Tell us a bit about Cloudi Journal. What made you start it?

Cloudi is a digital magazine I started after I  finished studying and wasn’t in my ideal job.  My manager often told me ‘your head is in  the clouds’. Reflecting on that I realised I’d  been like that the majority of my life and it is  my ultimate happy place. What outwardly  looks simply absentminded in my head is  completely different. I have been an ‘ideas’ person as long as I can remember. I have  ideas popping into my head all day every day.  When ‘my head is in the clouds’ I am  dreaming, thinking about creative ideas &  possibilities. I knew to get the job I wanted in  the future I needed to ‘act as if’ I had the job I  wanted so I just started.


What do you love the most about Cloudi Journal?

My favourite part about Cloudi is getting to  connect with other creatives. It’s amazing for  networking. I love spotlighting creatives  who’s work I love for my friends and  followers to discover. There is no better  feeling than finding a new person you can get  inspiration from. My true passion is creative  direction is planning photoshoots which is  why I started Cloudi & part of my current job.


What do you enjoy the most about your Social Media Marketing role at Stirling Sports?

I love how every day is different, I love working on photoshoots and different creative projects and my team is great! Also working on a new brand @taylorsport_  **cheeky plug ** is so rewarding. Keep your eyes peeled for an exciting @buttermilkaccessories collab coming in the future…


Lessons learnt and gratitude…

What’s one thing that excites you to get up in the morning?

Definitely coffee, morning meditation & hot yoga! But mostly working on creative projects which I am spending my work days & spare time on. I truly can’t imagine being motivated to get up doing anything else. It definitely lights me up. 

Rebekah & I often share our favourite  meditations & the morning gratitude  meditation she sent me is truly the best, best way to start your morning. A game  changer I end it in tears every time. 


One thing you would tell your younger self?

I would tell my younger self to go easier on  myself. When I finished studying I really  struggled with not being where I wanted to  be. I have extremely high expectations of  myself and was so hard on myself when I  first finished uni.  

What I now know is that surrendering, being  kind to yourself while taking aligned action  is the best recipe to getting what you want. I  would tell my younger self to chill lol xx


What’s something  you’re really proud of yourself for?

I’m proud of myself for following my heart  and intuition. For not listening to people  opinions in regard to what I should do with  my life. I feel like I’ve had to push back on  what others thought I should do, not taking  the ‘safe’ option, Judgements on what I  studied and chose to do. I’m so proud that I  knew who I was and what I wanted from a  young age & was self-assured enough to not  listen to others & opinions.


And last but not least, favourite Buttermilk hair claw and way of wearing it?

I want to start my saying I LOVE buttermilk  accessories SO much. They are such great  quality, the coolest range of colours &  Rebekah is a real life ANGEL, my favourite  person to work with ever. This is my  favourite image of me in buttermilk but I  also love all of the photos from our  Buttermilk Dreamland campaign! And a  special mention to my ‘JUMBO Elle - Ocean  Eyes’ claw which is by my side every day. It’s the best!


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