Our story

Buttermilk [but-ter milk] / noun


When the founder couldn’t find for herself any hair claws that were not only strong enough for her long and thick hair, but also pretty enough to lift up any outfit, she decided she would create her own.  

With her love of effortless style, she set her heart on creating unique, versatile and high-quality hair claws that effortlessly complement any moment of your day, at a moment's notice. Combining style with functionality, she designs her pieces to be a forever, staple piece; in your hair and on your handbag.

Buttermilk hair accessories are for the girl on the run, who at a moment’s notice is able to effortlessly whip up her hair, ready to take on the world.

There should never be a moment where you don't feel like you. Buttermilk is for you.  


Lots of love,

B xx