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Buttermilk Accessories

Aimee in Strawberry Blush

Aimee in Strawberry Blush

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Our Aimee headbands are your new best friend. You meet her and you think she's cool and cute and then you put her on and realise how much you needed her in your life.

One size fits all to meet all your hair needs. To complete an outfit, pulling your hair back to exercise or doing your skincare routine - our Aimee headbands are both practical and cute. Whether you wear her over your ears (snug and warm), tucked behind your ears (very cute) or with your bangs hanging loosely out the front - it's 99% proven you will look effortlessly cool.


One size fits all.

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Buttermilk hair-claws, combs, hair forks and hard headbands are sustainable, made from plant derivatives (cellulose acetate). Some of the benefits of this are:

- Durability; meaning less wastage and longer use

- Heightened biodegradability; 1.5-2x more biodegradable than plastic