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Buttermilk Accessories

Brookyln Opetaia x Buttermilk - Kendra in Little Love

Brookyln Opetaia x Buttermilk - Kendra in Little Love

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Brooklyn Opetaia x Buttermilk 

Silver is having its’ moment. Introducing our first ever metal claw clip collection, born from the creative synergy between us and Brooklyn Opetaia; our forever fashion muse and fellow Kiwi Londoner. Adorned with delicate pastel gems, these claws are set to become your ultimate must-have fashion accessory.


Comes in packs of two. 


Will this clip hold all my hair?

Buttermilk size: Extra-small

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Buttermilk hair-claws, combs, hair forks and hard headbands are sustainable, made from plant derivatives (cellulose acetate). Some of the benefits of this are:

- Durability; meaning less wastage and longer use

- Heightened biodegradability; 1.5-2x more biodegradable than plastic