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Buttermilk Accessories

Emma in Strawberry Clouds

Emma in Strawberry Clouds

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Emma can be found out for a walk or sitting in a cafe reading her favourite book. She is truly one of a kind, coming in the sweetest of styles. A hair claw clip suited for finer, shorter or medium-length hair or for the half-up, half-down style. Have thick, long or wild hair? Her big sister, the JUMBO Elle is your claw.


Will this clip hold all my hair?

Length: 9cm
Buttermilk size: Extra-small to Large

See our Size Guide for more information.



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Buttermilk hair-claws, combs, hair forks and hard headbands are sustainable, made from plant derivatives (cellulose acetate). Some of the benefits of this are:

- Durability; meaning less wastage and longer use

- Heightened biodegradability; 1.5-2x more biodegradable than plastic