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Buttermilk Accessories

Georgia in Heart Locket

Georgia in Heart Locket

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Long Distance Friendship Collection 

Molly Cochrane, Holly Morgan & Aimee Eaton x Buttermilk Accessories

In collaboration with Aimee in Sydney, Holly in Auckland and Molly in Christchurch and soon moving to the UK, we've created a nostalgic collection that celebrates the beauty of the world and connection. It is a reminder of why we leave where we grew up to experience what the world has to offer whilst celebrating the value and importance of long distance friendships.


Georgia is always there for you and she's not afraid to tell it how it is. A large hair claw, with a long mouth and criss-cross teeth able to hold up the wildest, thickest and longest of hair. It’s slender build compliments all types of hair and all types of claw hair styles. A hair claw you can’t live without.


Will this clip hold all my hair?

Length: 11cm
Buttermilk size: Extra-small to Large 

See our Size Guide for more information. 

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Buttermilk hair-claws, combs, hair forks and hard headbands are sustainable, made from plant derivatives (cellulose acetate). Some of the benefits of this are:

- Durability; meaning less wastage and longer use

- Heightened biodegradability; 1.5-2x more biodegradable than plastic