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Buttermilk Accessories

Taylor Sport x Buttermilk - Kaf in Strawberry Vanilla Icing

Taylor Sport x Buttermilk - Kaf in Strawberry Vanilla Icing

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Taylor Sport x Buttermilk

Introducing our Made to Move Collection in collaboration with Taylor Sport. With a focus on functionality and versatility, we created a collection for the girl who is always on the move. Move about with the confidence and peace of mind that your hair will stay put and secured, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Embrace the freedom to move how you want to. 


Just like an older sister, the Kaf claw clip is there to support you when you need her most. A reliable and sturdy claw, she listens to all your thoughts in a way that only an older sister who's lived a life similar to yours can understand. You explore what the world has to offer knowing she's right behind you, gripping tightly all your hair in place. 


This is the pink bow-shaped claw clip pictured.  


Will this clip hold all my hair?

Length: 9cm

 Size: Extra-small to Medium

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Buttermilk hair-claws, combs, hair forks and hard headbands are sustainable, made from plant derivatives (cellulose acetate). Some of the benefits of this are:

- Durability; meaning less wastage and longer use

- Heightened biodegradability; 1.5-2x more biodegradable than plastic